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I’ve recently returned from one of my best ever holidays and certainly the best ever foodie holiday I’ve been on.

G and I indulged in a trip to Taormina in Sicily, staying at the fabulous Villa Carlotta, with amazing views of the coast and Etna.

Whilst there, I enjoyed 2 x 45 minute cookery lessons and have taken away 6 Sicilian classics to make at home, including pistachio pasta, Sicilian baked swordfish and the classic ‘spaghetti aglio e olio peperoncino’ (I’ll post these recipes shortly!).

I wanted to share a couple of the foodie highlights with you………

1. Almond Granita

Granita is hugely popular in Sicily and I found it to be far more refreshing in the sun than ice cream. There are a huge variety of flavours available, but I was obsessed with Almond. So good that I’ve bought myself an ice cream machine to attempt to replicate this at home!

2. Arancini

These giant balls of deliciousness are the Sicilian version of the Cornish pasty! Convenient portable foodstuff, full of comforting carbs. Essentially, they are deep-fried balls of risotto and stuffing (for us it was a mozzarella and Bolognese concoction that has us addicted!). Sounds grim, tastes amazing. Likely to be extremely unhealthy, but it’s a holiday…….

3. Ristorante Le Naumachie, Taormina

Had an amazing meal here, with standout dishes including ravioli stuffed with onion and rosemary, smothered in a hazelnut liquor sauce and tuna with a chocolate sauce. Inventive and delicious.

4. Wine Tasting, Gambino, near Linguaglossa

This cost about £10 for the 2 of us to enjoy 4 samples of Gambino’s Sicilian wines, whilst eating baked ricotta, bread and oil and relaxing on the patio for about an hour overlooking the vineyards. Heaven!

There were so many other great things (ice cream at Cafe Sicilia in Noto, great Pizza at Cafe Ingrid in Stromboli, Almond wine in Castelmore…..), you really can’t fail as a foodie in Sicily and I can’t wait to return!

In the meantime, I managed to do a little food shopping so I could bring a little bit of the Sicily into my kitchen…..